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This is to clarify and state that the visuals, graphics, presentations and digital renderings (including 3-D walkthroughs) on this website are artistic creations to represent and portray our products and services. The final product configurations may not always be reflected in terms of scale, accuracy and detailing in these visual depictions.

This content is for information purpose only and cannot be construed as legally binding. The same applies to the information provided in downloadable brochures and documents.

Please keep these pointers in mind

  • All furniture, furnishings, white goods, appliances and non-standard fittings featured in images and visual renderings of our model apartments are not part of final deliverables in your apartment. These apartments have been furnished to give site visitors an idea of how interiors can be planned, executed and provide an idea of space in the apartment after arranging all the furniture and white goods in respective locations.
  • Some of the pictures used on this website have been obtained legally from stock photography sources and have been used to depict the kind of homes, interiors and settings we visualize our customers could be associated with. The properties and apartment detailing in these pictures may, or may not represent the kind of products or services that we have on offer in terms of design, construction, living spaces and detailing.
  • Technology platforms employed by our digital teams serve as a medium for demonstration of our products and services. This includes 3D walkthroughs, videos and audio links. The company does not guarantee the access and smooth working of these online tools – especially during service disruptions on internet access, or bad connectivity.
  • The online calculators, apps and other tools provided are intended to explain and inform rather than serve as definitive tools to arrive at final / conclusive results – which follows that the results so provided are not legally binding or inclusive in our offerings
  • Product specifications, floor plans, features, fixtures, finishes, financial detailing are subject to change in terms of quality, brand, specification and installation. Product information, financial models, and loan indications discussed and featured on this website are to be seen as concept indicators and are not linked or backed by any warranties of any kind - either expressed or implied.
  • There could be variations and modifications in the final product or service delivered to the customer, as certain changes and modifications may be necessary during construction. Buyers, allottees, their legal representatives, or any other persons will not have any rights to appeal, or raise any objections in this regard.

Specifications are purely indicative and are subject to change during project development and construction, or as decided by the company from time to time.

Any changes or modifications made to this privacy policy and disclaimer will be featured within the same weblink. As a site visitor who wishes to proceed to use this site and access information, you hereby confirm, agree and submit that you fully understand the scope and intention of this policy and comprehend its implications – especially in terms of the procedures outlined and the use of personal information provided - for promotional and information needs.

If you need more information, or clarification on the content provided in this privacy policy, or disclaimer, please write in to: info@aswaniproperties.com

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